Daphne Oz Pregnant – Enjoying and Loving it!

Daphne Oz is your go-to girl when you want to watch food shows. The Chew, which she co-hosts, will make you see food in a very funny and exquisite way. Everything about food should be fun and Daphne always makes sure that we feel that way. Being pregnant with their second child does not stop Daphne from enjoying life with food. Her pregnancy is widely open to the public because she has been posting pictures online. Check out some Daphne Oz pregnant images!

Some women do not like the months of pregnancy, but not with Daphne. She is enjoying every bit of it!

Who says that you cannot wear dresses anymore if you are pregnant? Daphne defies that with this stunning outfit.

That huge baby bump will not stop Mommy Daphne on screen. She looks like she’s enjoying her pregnant journey.

So adorable! This is how you we can describe Daphne and her newborn child. Isn’t unfair that Daphne stays the same, from the start of pregnancy to being a mother of two?

Show it Daphne! A few weeks before the due date and Daphne stills enjoy documenting her pregnancy.

Daphne’s having fun on the beach with her two kiddos! She is really oozing with confidence here. Just look at her body.

Daphne’s confidence is one of a kind. Imagine taking a selfie pic in front of the mirror, wearing a bikini and then posting it on your social media? That’s Daphne for you!

Look how gorgeous Daphne is, not to mention her daughter and the dogs. Does this picture look like a candid shot?

Seems like Daphne’s newborn child gets a lot of her physical characteristics! But hey, it seems like Daphne had an easy time during her pregnancy – looks like no stress at all!

Daphne with her husband John with their angelic baby – what a lovely family we have here.