Demi Moore’s Plastic Surgery Helped Her Keep Her Youthful Appearance

Demi Moore is an American actress who became famous for her roles in the movies About Last Night, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Blame It on Rio. Another popular film that she starred in was the 1990 movie Ghost, where she starred opposite Patrick Swayze. She was married to Freddy Moore and Bruce Willis prior to marrying Ashton Kutcher in 2005, but divorcing in 2013. There were several Demi Moore plastic surgery gossips going around, which the actress first denied, but later on admitted without going to details.

The young Demi Moore looked angelic, capturing the hearts of many men and was the envy of many women. She looked effortlessly beautiful on this image.

After two failed marriages, she married actor Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior. Many speculates that she underwent plastic surgeries so she will be more confident being with her then husband who was younger than her.

However, long before she met Ashton Kutcher, the actress reportedly underwent breast augmentation in preparation for her role in the film Striptease. You can see how full her breasts were on this picture.

However, it was said that she had her breast implants removed afterwards and went for a breast lift, which is why her breasts do not sag.

You won’t believe that she’s over 50-years old with this kind of body. According to reports, she had liposuction to keep her sexy physique.

The skin on her face looks just as tight as when she was younger and that may be due to facelift, although the actress said that she never had any surgery done on her face.

She may also have had Botox as her face almost had no wrinkles and she didn’t have crow’s feet around her eyes.

Judging on this picture, the actress may have also undergone some lip procedure as her lips looked more pumped compared before.

Others noticed how her nose also looked thinner and more detailed than before, suggesting possible nose job on the actress.

Another noticeable change on Demi Moore’s face are her cheeks. They look fuller, possibly due to cheek implants, which she never admitted.