French Wine for a Flat Belly. Drinking red wine causes weight loss, what next!

I have decided to write a review. This Flat Belly Revolution- French wine for a flat belly review I hope this will provide an unbiased account of what is claim by the author Thomas Newman.

Who is Thomas Newman?

Thomas Newman is an ex – army and known to be a fitness and diet method trainer. He makes a claim that certain French red wines have properties that will encourage your body to shed pounds. He claims drinking red wine will affect your body positively and cause fat to transform into a burning energy engine, providing the fuel you need daily.

Thomas Newman claims warrant further investigation. Most people know that consuming alcohol will cause increase weight gain.

Why is it that only certain red wines will boost your internal fat burning engine? Surely all red wine has the same chemical signature wherever it hails from. I know that some of the best red wine in the world is Chilean. This is because the grape vines transplanted from France to avoid a prevalent disease wiping out the vive strain and ruining the stocks forever.

Further investigation!

Thomas Newman the ex-Iraq veteran claims reducing calories alone will not make you slim or encourage you to shed the pounds. He promotes you need to change the composition of bacteria in your intestine.

If you can change the bacteria and then reduce your calorie intake, you will shed pound from the areas where fat deposits are stubborn to remove. And witness a change in your body as soon as 30 days.

I find the claims of Thomas Newman to be controversial for these reasons. I have never read or heard of any other successful diet plan mention the need to change the bacteria in your intestine. Remember, Thomas Newman is a war veteran and fitness instructor. I did not see in any investigation and research I conducted the mention of Thomas Newman being a biologist.

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We should keep an open mind. Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly Review will not pull any punches. I believe in total transparency and the truth.

Now, that we are keeping an open mind red wine from all over the planet considered good for your health, if consumed in moderation. I know the French consume lots of their local product including red wine. And to be honest, mostly they look like a healthy bunch. However, if we drill down deeper into the French diet is it the red wine keeping their bodies trim? I suspect it is more to do with eating locally grown high in nutrient food groups.

The French do not really consume a large amount of carbohydrates with their meals. In addition, meal portions are small to moderate. French meals are eaten in many courses over hours. French portions are tiny in comparison to an American food portion.

It seems to me that the French people consume less food rather than worrying about intestinal bacteria.

What can I eat and how much wine will I need to drink?

You will be eating a healthy diet consisting mainly of healthy vegetables. Most vegetable contain few calories. You will exclude potatoes from your diet because of the starch content also known as carbohydrates. Your body turns potatoes and most white foods like bread and rice in sugar causing fat to deposit.

How much wine should you consume? I would suggest no more than one standard wine glass. Be mindful drink driving laws are very strict throughout Europe and America. Being on a diet will not provide a valid reason to the judge for being over the legal alcohol limit.

You now understand that you have drastically reduced the calories you are consuming. You are still eating three meals every day. Your body does not think it is in starvation mode. Your metabolism is ticking over nicely. You are losing weight and shedding the fat from the areas you wanted it to come off. Thighs, belly, hips, chest and chin.

What is the evidence for the claims made by Thomas Newman?

That is the perfect question to ask now. What is the evidence, where can I find the proof that what you are telling me is true?

Here is the truth. There are sketchy reports on the internet about the diet. Nevertheless, the evidence is not there. Scientists have looked in to the diet using red wine to flatten your belly. Unfortunately, the findings are controversial. Because of the controversy, you cannot accept the content of the reports as proof to the effectives of the Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly diet plan.


You will lose weight due to reduced calorie intake. It is beneficial for all of us to eat a high nutrient vegetable diet. If you purchase the product, there is a money back guarantee.


Thomas Newman does not promote exercise as part of his diet plan. Exercise is crucial to a healthy lifestyle not just a diet plan.

The weight loss on this plan has nothing to do with the wine you consume.

Where can we purchase?

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This Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly review has given you an undistorted appraisal of the product.

The claimed made by Thomas Newman has not been substantiated to provide the evidence needed. You will lose weight but the weight loss attributes to the healthy eating plan and not the red wine.

Red wine particularly good red wine is expensive. If it is not your preferred drink, then save money and find a different diet plan for you.